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'Netflix of live music' wins MIA award

04 Mar 2014

A Liverpool-based website which is aiming to become the "Netflix of live music" has been named as the February winner of the Merseyside Innovation Award. Vidzta is a platform for up-and-coming musicians and currently has viewers in more than 44 countries.

Vidzta, which is based at the Liverpool Science Park, streams live HD performances by artists which have built up a following but not yet secured a record deal.

The musicians are filmed playing material inside a professional recording studio live with the performance mixed by a sound engineer.

Viewers send questions to the artist between songs or after the performance to receive a real-time response.

The platform currently has viewers in more than 44 countries and broadcasts performances by bands across the UK.

Founder Rob Moran said: "Vidzta takes broadcasting performances over the web to the next level. We aim to make it the Netflix of live music.

"YouTube and similar video websites allow artists to put out material when they are unknown. We have a team who are very tuned in to artists who are on the cusp of breaking through.

"What we are doing is offering artists who have built a following but have still not quite broken through an opportunity to deliver a performance that will be professionally engineered and broadcast in high quality to a worldwide audience."

The award presentation was made by MIA panel member Ian McGee, relationship manager for NatWest Commercial banking.

"When this project came before the MIA panel it was apparent that Vidzta was doing something unique," McGee said. "They have looked at the landscape of the music industry and identified a groundbreaking way to promote young talent.

"In time Vidzta could become known as the go-to place for anyone looking to uncover the next big musical performer, maintaining a long-held tradition in Liverpool for spotting great musical talent."

A winner is selected each month and at the end of the entry period the applicants are whittled down to three finalists who will be invited to give a presentation to the judges at the final talking place at the Crowne Plaza, Liverpool in July.

The winner will receive a prize of £10,000 in cash while the runners-up can win specialist business support worth up to £2,000.

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