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Inovus wins March Merseyside Innovation Award with Turnkey Commercialisation Service

19 Apr 2017

Medical device manufacturer, Inovus, has claimed March’s Merseyside Innovation Award with a unique service that facilitates the commercialisation of medical devices.

Inovus had previously submitted an application to the Awards in 2016 with their innovative laparoscopic surgical simulator, which won the January award. Since then, Inovus has grown it’s presence in the medical simulation sector with products in over 60 NHS Trusts and over 30 countries. During this time the company has developed it’s St Helens based manufacturing plant to include an array of manufacturing processes including CNC milling, lazer cutting, 3D printing, plastic heat forming and silicone injection moulding. With their manufacturing know how, in house design capabilities and sales routes into the healthcare sector Inovus have created their Turnkey Commercialisation Service.

This initiative involves Inovus seeking medical device inventions that are yet to reach the market yet still have proven clinical need. Using their manufacturing network and expertise, Inovus will develop the devices alongside the inventing Universities or clinicians and support the developers in bringing their products to the market via the NHS.

“Through our work with clinicians, industry and Universities we highlighted an alarming shortfall in the commercialisation of medical devices being developed at universities and by clinicians across the country” commented Dr Elliot Street, Managing Director at Inovus.  

“Further review of this showed that over 96% of medical device inventions fail to make it from the bench of universities to the bedside of our patients.

“Inovus start by assessing the IP a University holds on medical devices before selecting products to take forward to market that answer unmet clinical needs and have good commercial potential.

“The service includes on-going clinical trials, branding, product re-design, manufacturing and sales and marketing of the product. Nowhere else can you find a truly turnkey approach that offers all the services required to bring a product to market under one roof.”

Having already licensed one product, which has the potential to improve the management and reduce the cost of one of the most costly chronic diseases in the UK, Inovus hope to further capitalise on the strong pipeline of inventions flowing from the Universities.

With projected revenues in excess of £10M by 2021, the Turnkey Commercialisation Service is anticipated to create more than 20 local jobs within the first two years of launch with a further 50 jobs created within 5 years.

Elliot added “The products that Inovus will be manufacturing will also address some of the medical conditions which have a higher than average prevalence in the St Helens and wider Merseyside area.”

Kevin Moreton, Business Development Manager of MIA sponsor Trustech NHS Innovation Service, said “the Turnkey Commercialisation Service offers enormous potential in terms of benefiting the Merseyside economy and offering improved treatment options to the local population.”


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