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Latest News: 19 Jun 2019

KRTS Power to Respond Ltd announced as latest monthly winner of the Merseyside Innovation Awards

Wirral-based KRTS Power to Respond Ltd have been announced as the June monthly winner of the 2019 Merseyside Innovation Awards (MIA) for their pioneering...

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Across Merseyside businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors are creating new and exciting innovations that could transform industry, improve our lives or allow us to achieve things which were once impossible.

The Merseyside Innovation Awards were created to recognise these innovations and to support these forward-thinking individuals and businesses.

And the awards have now returned! Entries are now open for the 2019 MIA and we already have some incredible early entrants.

Once again there will be two award categories, one for smaller innovators with great businesses who need expert support and investment and a second category for larger innovators who are keeping Merseyside at the forefront of new developments on a national or global stage.

The Merseyside Innovation Award (up to £1m turnover) carries a £10,000 top prize for the winner and a cash prize of £2,500 for the two runners-up.

Open to companies or individuals with revenue up to £1m plus those at the pre-revenue stage, the award aims to raise the profile of the best new products, components, software and services coming out of Merseyside and to provide investment to help them grow or move on to the next stage.

The Merseyside Innovation Award (£1m to £25m turnover) recognises those innovators who are making a significant impact on regional employment in Merseyside and are ensuring the region remains at the cutting edge in any field, from digital to manufacturing, pharmaceuticals to engineering and services to consumer products.

Entry is by the same simple registration form and the same terms and conditions apply.  

Have a look at our competitor area to see a sample of previous entrants.


Amanda Morris

0151 255 2300

We are now open for registrations!

First Prize for applicants with turnover below £1m is £10,000 cash.

Runners up will be awarded a cash prize of £2,500.

For companies with turnover in excess of £1m, the winner will receive the Prestige Award that rewards and recognises innovation in more established businesses. 

Any Merseyside-based individual or company with an innovative product or service is eligible to enter. Categories are for those with turnover below £1m and for larger companies with turnover between £1m and £25m.

Enter before 07/05/2019 for your chance to win!

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